Authority Services

Freight Broker Authority
Includes MC # and One-Time-Fee BOC-3 Process Agent filing.
$449.00 (includes $300 FMCSA fee)

Apply for Broker Authority

BOC-3 Process Agent (Filing alone)

We will file with the FMCSA and provide you with the BOC-3 documents within 48 business hours.


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New Bond Program Announcement!
We have secured an exclusive program with one of our providers for the new $75,000 Freight Broker BMC-84 Bond requirement.  The program has some awesome highlights that no other Surety Agency will be able to offer.  Below are a few of the highlights:

  • No collateral at all for all credit types
  • New Businesses are welcome
  • No business financials required
  • No personal financial statements required                          
  • No net worth requirements
  • No spousal Indemnity
  • No industry experience required
  • Can do credit score in low 500s
  • We can write for Non US Citizens
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